Terms and Conditions Governing Law

The Terms and Conditions set out herein (including any subsequent alteration variation or modification) shall be governed by and construed strictly in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. You hereby irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the United Kingdom for settlement of any disputes or matters arising out of or concerning the entirety of these terms and conditions, the privacy policy or their enforceability and effect.

1. Legal Scope

The services of the Internet Platform  www.ProvenAttraction.com  (hereinafter referred to throughout as "Platform") registered at Companies House and having registration number 09153846 (hereinafter referred to as "The Company" and/or "ProvenAttraction.com") solely and exclusively under consideration of the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply Worldwide to every Visitor and User who uses the contents, offers and services the Platform provides (hereinafter referred to as "the User"). By registering on the Platform with The Company, the User formally and irrevocably accepts these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy and Exclusivity content and all Copyright provisions and all other terms which may be modified by The Company without Notice from time to time at the sole discretion of The Company.

2. Use of the services

2.1 To register on the Platform with The Company, the User must be at least 18 years of age or such other age of Majority as shall apply in the Country and Jurisdiction applicable to The User. ProvenAttraction.com reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to request proper and satisfactory documentary evidence to verify and authenticate the age and/or identity of the User and should the need arise the User’s address and Country of origin. ProvenAttraction.com reserves the right to block the account of the User until such time as the User has provided satisfactory proof of age to the Company whose decision on the matter shall be entirely at its own discretion.

2.2 It shall be the responsibility of the User to ensure that the relevant laws of the Country and or Jurisdiction of the Users residency or location permit the User to register on the Platform.

2.3 Once the User has successfully and validly registered with the Company on the Platform, the User is authorized to use all offers and services of the Platform entirely free of charge for so long as the User and The Company shall be content to allow participation to continue. Strictly for the avoidance of doubt, this right does not constitute or form any binding obligation for ProvenAttraction.com to provide any specific content, offers and/or services to any User under any circumstances and to any extent.

2.4 In order to avoid any disadvantage for other Users, a registered User of ProvenAttraction.com is not permitted to create or have control of more than one account on ProvenAttraction.com.

2.5 In respect of promotions set out from time to time on the ProvenAttraction.com Platform, the Company may provide the offer of rewards to the User. Should the User fail to log on to the Platform for a continuous period of six (6) months or more, such rewards will expire and the Company reserves the right to shorten the said period of six months should it, in its absolute discretion, decide to do so.

3. Data Protection

You can find our privacy policy set out fully annexed hereto.

4. Exclusion of Users

ProvenAttraction.com reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to either exclude Users from the Platform by removing and/or deleting the account of the User and further by blocking a new registration from the same User or to withhold or deny the starting capital of the User, depending on the nature, severity and the frequency of the pertaining matters. This shall also apply to any servant or agent of the respective User.

Examples of events where a User may be excluded (the following list is by way of illustration only and shall not be deemed an exhaustive list):

- When a User seeks to or enters incorrect and/or invalid information or details during registration.
- When a User or a third party servant or agent acting on behalf of the User attempts to register more than one account at ProvenAttraction.com or any related.
- When a User provides or offers to provide any form of commercial gain from use or shared use of the site.
- Should a User try in any way to contact either directly or indirectly other Users the Platform with a view to dissuading them from continuing to use the Platform or to move to an alternative provider of similar services.
- Should a User be found to be acting in breach of any of the general terms and conditions set out herein.
- Should the User act in any illegal manner with regard to the relationship between the User and ProvenAttraction.com.
- Should the User be considered to have a reckless or feckless attitude to the use of the Platform.

ProvenAttraction.com will not deal arbitrarily regarding the exclusion of Users or withholding/denying any payments, the Company shall always decide in its sole discretion and its decision will be beyond further discussion and it shall not be obliged to provide any evidence or to state its reason why a User shall have been be excluded or why payments will be withhold/denied. This is necessary to preserve and protect our fraud detection procedures from being compromised.

Any User shall be notified about the exclusion or withholding of payments and for the purposes of these provisions, notice by Email shall be deemed sufficient notice for this purpose.

5. User Name and Password

During the registration, the User has to choose an individual User name and password. Access to all services and all parts of the ‘Member Area’ at ProvenAttraction.com is only possible with this password. The User should not reveal this password to any third party and must keep it safe in order to prevent misuse.

With regard to the User name, the User is not allowed to choose an inappropriate User name (for example by using names of competitors or names giving the impression that they will be used to lure customers away and/or provide any form of commercial gain offers to our customers). In the event that ProvenAttraction.com becomes aware of any inappropriate User name, the Company reserves the right, in its sole discretion, either to close the User account or to demand the User to choose a different User name.

6. Assignment of the Right of Use / User Liability

6.1 Should a User publish any kind of content from the Platform that is copyrighted or under legal protection in any other way (text and/or images) on the Platform - e.g. by publishing the content in the member’s area, news, comments or the community etc. - the User authorizes ProvenAttraction.com to store and publish this content on the Platform free of charge as often as desired by ProvenAttraction.com, at any time or place, making it publicly accessible and held ready for retrieval by a third party. This content (text, images, etc.) will be published only on the Platform it was sent to or it was uploaded onto. ProvenAttraction.com will use the content for advertising purposes only after consultation with the respective author and after receiving the author's authorization.

6.2 Furthermore, through the contributions, the User assures that he/she possesses the legal rights of the content posted, and has not transferred and /or disposed them in any other way. ProvenAttraction.com is not obligated to verify the validity, completeness and legality of User contributions, particularly in the community area.

6.3.1 In addition to this, the User assures that the content of any uploaded, saved or linked contribution/material that is provided, presented or published and made publicly available by him/her, does not contain:

- Any advertisements for other companies (especially other competitors of the Platform), any advertisements giving a negative image/impression of the Platform or comparative advertisements.
- Any so-called "commercial offers."
- Viruses, fraudulent content, Trojans or unsolicited mass mailings (so-called "spam") in any way.

6.3.2 Likewise, the User assures that the content does not violate:

- Any personal rights and the rights of third parties
- Any legal and official provisions and/or prohibitions
- Internet manners and code of conduct (netiquette, chatiquette)
- Public morals. Therefore, the contributions of the User must not contain any content perceived as obscene, insulting, defaming, defamatory, pornographic, not fit for minors, racist, xenophobic, or condemnable in any other way.

6.3.3 Should the content of any contribution of the User contain any links to other websites, the content of these websites has to be in accordance with clauses 6.3.1 and 6.3.2 as well.

6.3.4 Clauses 6.3.1, 6.3.2 and 6.3.3 shall also apply for the content of messages send to other Users of the Platform within the community by using the "community tool".

6.4 The User further assures not to contact Users of the Platform in any form, e.g. by email, internet messaging services or in any other way with the aim to lure Users away from the Platform. Therefore, the User assures not to provide any form service or any other incentives to other Users. Furthermore, the User assures to refrain from contacting other Users of the Platform with the intention to make them stop using the services of ProvenAttraction.com. Actions/behaviour in contradiction to this clause can result in an exclusion of the User from the services of the Platform.

6.5 The User is liable for all damages sustained by ProvenAttraction.com and caused by the User as a result of a violation of the above listed conditions.

6.6 ProvenAttraction.com is unable to control all of the content posted by the Users, especially in the forums or in the community in respect of legality of such content. When ProvenAttraction.com is aware of any content being in breach of these terms and conditions, we will remove such content immediately. If a User notices any kind of abusive behaviour of another User or notices that the content of any contribution to the Platform of another User is in contradiction of the terms and conditions of the Platform and/or violates any other laws, the User shall contact us by sending an email to info@provenattraction.com. If the specific contribution of the User is deemed abusive by us, the contribution will be removed immediately.

7. Deletion of Contributions

ProvenAttraction.com, their Owners and their administrators are authorized to delete any content of any contribution provided by the Users, e.g. articles, posts, blogs or parts thereof. Content will in particular be deleted, if a violation of the conditions stated in any of the clauses in clause 6 occurs. Furthermore, ProvenAttraction.com reserves the right to delete content which affects the interaction between the Users on the Platform in a negative way and which is not in accordance with good internet manners and the code of conduct. In particularly serious cases, ProvenAttraction.com reserves the right to exclude the User pursuant to clause 4.

8. Liability of ProvenAttraction.com

The liability of ProvenAttraction.com for damages caused by the use of the Platform's services and offers, e.g. by downloading, installing and using software and data files, is limited to intent or gross negligence. It is the total and absolute responsibility of the User to independently check data for viruses and suchlike.

9. Disclaimer

If the Platform refers to another website, e.g. by placing a link to the respective website, only the respective operator/author of that website is responsible for the content on that website. ProvenAttraction.com shall in no way be responsible for or has any influence on the content of the respective website the Platform is linking to. ProvenAttraction.com expressly dissociates itself from any illegal, personally harmful, immoral, ethically objectionable, or in other way inadmissible content and cannot be held accountable for such content. If a User notices any kind of such unsuitable content on a website the Platform is linking to, the User is requested to inform ProvenAttraction.com immediately. If the content of the respective website is then deemed unsuitable by us, the link to that website will be removed immediately.

ProvenAttraction.com at any point may have a commercial relationships with some of the companies that are included on the ProvenAttraction.com website. That means that ProvenAttraction.com may receive compensation from those companies.

In case of any legal concerns regarding ProvenAttraction.com or specific contents on www.ProvenAttraction.com , please send an informal email to info@provenattraction.com. The sending of such an email shall render any claims for compensation of the person issuing the warning to become null and void.

10. Copyright

Articles, texts and images as well as their arrangement are copyrighted. Users are allowed to make use of the contents of the Platform only for their own personal use; With regard to all videos on the Platform, Users are not allowed to download them without the express consent of ProvenAttraction.com. Without written permission from ProvenAttraction.com, the User is not allowed to circulate, present, make publicly accessible, or publish or link to this content.

11. Referral Program

By participating in the Referral Program, if any, the User accepts that the Person or Persons so referred shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein. 

12. Final Provisions

If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of the terms and conditions.

A registered User automatically agrees to take part in any newsletter system and agrees, unless he or she shall choose to opt out, to receive any newsletter or news item at any time by Email. The User is able to unsubscribe from this newsletter at any time by selecting the respective option in the User's profile settings. The intervals of the newsletters may vary.

At any time, ProvenAttraction.com has the right to transfer all or parts of their services to a third party system. If such situation occurs, the User will be informed prior to the event via the Platform.

Nothing that is contained within the site can be taken or construed to be any Guarantee that any User is certain of improve and it should be noted that non of the advice given should be construed as professional advice from a doctor or consultant, ProvenAttraction.com expressly disclaims any form of wording or content herein that may be taken as or misconstrued to be any form of warranty or guarantee of any User to achieve results with women.