Every guy has a specific trait that makes him attractive to women. However, to be able to approach and attract any woman, your game needs to be more well rounded. Khaled had no issues maintaining long conversations but couldn't take it any further. So, during most of his interactions, he would just find himself stuck in the friend zone. To help Khaled get better results, we showed him our proven N-P-E technique to break physical barriers.

To give you a bit of an idea of what it takes to break physical barriers, you need to think about your vibe and how it impacts a woman's state of mind. Let's put it this way, if you're talking about something serious and maintaining a formal tone in your conversation, she will feel more conservative and reserved around you. Makes sense? It should! Our mood is very dependent on our surrounding and environment. Khaled was good at conversation but was bad at changing his state, energy level and presence. Basically, Khaled had a BIG "AHA" moment when we said to him that you can't expect a woman to want to get intimate with you if you yourself cannot get more excited, playful and cheeky in your interaction.

Once Khaled started to understand the importance of implementing some playfulness to his game and tonality, the way he started to engage with women started to become more varied. Not only was he changing the topics of conversation much more, but he was also becoming increasingly aware of how his own presence and voice tone can help to shift a woman's state of mind from a more serious state to a more relaxed and playful one.

Finally, we showed Khaled the key to escalation. Escalation is the process of getting more physically intimate and close to a woman. Once you learn how to implement this step by step method effectively, it makes a girl want to rip your clothes off.

Now that he had all the skills necessary to increase the heat, the big turning point occurred when Khaled met Maria at Pret, a coffee and healthy fast food shop. He sat next to her while she was having a drink and started to engage with her in conversation. It wasn't long before he started to leave a real impression on Maria by putting to work all his knowledge on how to progress the bond deeper. They were connecting so well that they ended up leaving Pret together hand in hand and let's just say their intimacy increased dramatically from that piont onwards. Today, they are still together and we hope that Khaled's experience gives you some valuable insight on how to move your interactions with a woman to a more special place.