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Here's a common story guys can relate to... You walk into a bar or club and see an amazing girl that you wish you could talk to and build a genuine connection with, but either she's with her friends or doesn't want to be approached.

Or, you go to a social environment and want to approach a gorgeous woman who has caught your eye but you hesitate because you know that you're just a stranger. It was exactly these type of reasons that lead to the launch of our highly popular and unique Meet 10 Women Experience.

Picture this for second... You roll in the club with an attractive female friend on your arm, who is a social butterfly and talks to and befriends all the hot girls in the club. This female friend then introduces them to you, in a casual, cool and laid back way. Wouldn’t it be ideal? Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a female friend like that.

Hence the inception of the Meet 10 Women Experience service, designed to help you meet 10 attractive and eligible women in the most natural way possible. Our matchmaker will take you to the most exclusive members’ bars & clubs, such as Chinawhite, Cirque Le Soir, Chiltern Firehouse and Mahiki, in Central London, where strict door policy ensures women greatly outnumber men and all the women are so beautiful you will feel as if you are at a Victoria’s Secret afterparty.

Your matchmaker will go up to the most attractive women in the club/bar and will build a connection with them, and will then introduce you as her friend. This way, the conversation flows smoothly, just like how it is when you get introduced to somebody through a mutual friend. This breaks all the common barriers that are created by hot women when they get approached by a stranger.

This is simple, but astoundingly effective. From the slideshow at the top, you can see how some of our clients met 10 women each in one night EFFORTLESSLY.

If you're ready to have the night of your life, then book now to see how it feels to have more choice with women than you ever thought possible.