Let's face it, every single day you cross paths with someone who you find attractive. It could be that you are waiting for a coffee and the girl next to you is your dream type, it could be that you're in the gym and the woman training next to you is the fit girl you've been looking for, it could be that you're at work and in the kitchen area is a colleague that you've found attractive from day one... It doesn't matter where you are, there's always a chance that a woman there could be your other half...

Why is it then that there are not more guys taking advantage of these natural and spontaneous chances?

Why is it that today so many guys have to go on dating apps and dating sites to try and get women to come out on dates?

Why would you put yourself in a position where you are limited to expressing yourself only through a photo and a short bio?

Why are there not more men using their personality to approach and attract women in an authentic and natural way?

It's exactly this thinking that lead to the inception of our life transforming 1 Day Get Any Woman Bootcamp. As a team of female dating coaches with a background in Psychology, we have worked for years to decode female attraction. Using this information, we have come up with proven step by step *APPROACH, INTERACT & ATTRACT* techniques GUARANTEED to get guys dates. If it were possible, we would offer our 1 Day Get Any Woman Bootcamp for free to every man on earth.

In this life changing day...

You will meet our Dating Consultants and get immersed in demos and personal training on how to attract women through social interactions, at work, in coffee shops, bars, galleries and ALL other possible situations. Our students go through this day continually having "AHA" moments.

Here's how it all works...

MORNING SCHEDULE (10am to 1pm)

After a little chit-chat with us and getting to know you a little better, your life changing training will commence. Here's what you will learn:

- Theory on:

Proven and never seen before techniques on How to Re-Wire Your Mindset to tackle any anxiety you may have when approaching or meeting women for the first time, so that you come across naturally confident.

- Demo and Theory on:

How to Approach Women in Everyday Situations - Whether it is that woman at the party, or the attractive long legged woman at work, you will learn step by step methods on how to secure dates with women in your everyday life that you never thought possible.

- Demo and Theory on:

Conversational Openers and Topics - How to trigger an instant interest and get her committed to interacting with you. You will hear women complaining all the time about finding a guy "boring" or "not feeling a spark". We will teach you how to never come across dull and exactly what you should say when you meet up with that special someone so that she can't help but see you as her Mr Right.

Deep Connection Building - You will learn methods that create a connection that leaves her feeling an irresistible need to want more of you.

Humour, Teasing and Playfulness (HTP) - You will learn how to apply HTP in order to get close and intimate with zero resistance. Women are constantly drawn to men who know how to apply HTP, as this always creates a fun vibe that they simply find irresistible.

Texting Secrets that Make Women Want to See You - Did you know that us women form a MAJOR opinion on whether we will see you again based on the first message we receive from you. Sending the wrong text is like closing the door on the opportunity to build a relationship with someone new. By the end of this session, you will have learnt texting techniques that most guys will probably never understand. Or, as Tobias, a recent bootcamp student, put it:

"I would meet women that I thought were interested in me, but I would message them 2 or 3 times and never hear back from them. I used to think that they were just being nice and didn't actually like me. After learning how to text, I was amazed at how bad my messages were. Now, I can literally message any girl and get her to come on a date with me. It's magic!"

Advanced Conversation Flow - If you've ever been on a first date then you know what it's like to have that awkward silence creep in, creating an uncomfortable energy. These silent moments occur between two people who haven't established a natural conversation flow. For us women, this instantly makes us doubt your suitability and attractiveness, as we've been nurtured into thinking that a great date is one where hours upon hours can go by and you don't notice the time because you're having so much fun talking.

We will show you how to build your conversation with a woman from the initial introduction to the end, where she will be the one asking when are you free again. In fact, once you learn how to implement advanced conversation flow, you will get women saying things like [these are actual responses from some of our students dates]:

"This feels really different from the other dates I've been on, I've had so much fun"


"I would love to see you again, it feels like time has gone by really fast"

Speaking with Confidence - The way you project your voice and your ability to exhibit confidence, plays a crucial role in attracting the opposite sex. You will learn the exact techniques required to sound desirable and the methods to use in order to project your voice so that women find you more attractive.

LUNCH BREAK (1pm to 2pm)

So that we don't starve you to death, we will give you an hour to unwind with our beautiful dating consultants, have freshly made sandwiches and drinks, while you digest the material and demos that will become your bible to attraction.

PRACTICE TIME (2pm to 5pm)

Time to go out with your dedicated Dating Consultant and explore the endless possibilities.

You will be given specific goals and tasks, such as doing an indirect opener. Our dating consultant will monitor you in action and will then give you direct feedback on what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

You may be thinking:

"What if I'm too scared to approach a woman that I don't know?"


"What if I don't know what to say to a woman who I want a date with"

And so on...

Our Dating Consultants ARE THERE for this reason!

Trained to teach you on how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and anxiety that has been stopping you until now, you will be shown how to apply advanced mindset techniques, which will allow you to walk up to any woman fearlessly and secure yourself date after date.

Also, during an interaction with a woman, you will be given specific guidance through an ear piece on what to say next and continual feedback while you are in an interaction with a woman, so that you learn how you should behave on the go.

Remember, the key to developing your skills is by making mistakes and being corrected.

The result?

After 3 intense hours of live training, your idea of what is possible will TRANSFORM.

You will gain an invaluable insight into a woman's mind through our very own attractive dating consultants. You will understand through practice exactly what to say, exactly how to behave and exactly how to come across in different circumstances, in order to attract absolutely any woman that you find attractive.

BREAK TIME (5pm to 6pm)

An opportunity to chill with our dating consultants, have a bite to eat, and simply take in everything that's going on in this one day life changing experience. Matt, an ex 1 Day Bootcamp student, put it nicely:

"I needed room to breath not because I needed space but because I was overwhelmed by what I was able to achieve in a short space of time. Life can sometimes surprise you so much that you're left gasping for air, this was one of those days."


- Demo and Theory on:

Mastering Social Interactions - You will learn how to apply advanced body language and conversation techniques on women in social settings, such as pubs, bars, events and clubs, so that you are able to display high social value. The result? Women will be fighting for your attention.

How to Become the Centre of Attention - There are endless situations where you will find yourself socialising with a group of people, friends and colleagues, and you will either be just another person in the group or, even worse, out-shined by others. This will happen NO MORE. You will learn the step by step art of coming across charismatic so that you become the focus of attention, attracting females and instilling a deep desire within them to want to be around you.

Physical Escalation - Time to meet our very own sex coach and seduction expert, who will show you how to keep your woman physically satisfied so that she never thinks about running away with another guy and cheating on you.

Most men have no clue on how to seduce a woman; trust me I know, I'm a woman. In fact, lubricants are a product of bad sex. Us women have been biologically designed to respond a certain way when we are aroused, so why are all you guys failing to excite us?

The simple answer is bad sex education. That's right, you learn at school that you're the lucky sperm who has benefited from your mum and dad having some fun in their honeymoon. Your next eye opening moment will likely come in the form of a porn site and, that's it, now you think you're a sex God who knows how to turn her fountain on. In reality, you're just one of many men who are a complete novice when it comes to understanding a female's pleasure points.

To make sure your night of passion doesn't end in frustration, your sex coach will explain how to get a woman into a sexual state so that she's in the mood to get intimate with you, every single time. This involves using the right voice tone, topics of conversation and methods of escalation. Also, she will walk you through the key female erogenous zones and the best way to trigger them. This will basically turn us into wild animals that want to rip your clothes off.

Zack, our student from Fulham, in London, shared his thoughts on this session as follows:

"I had a friend at Uni who was no David Beckham but was seeing the hottest girl in the year. He was the definition of a bad guy, always cancelled on her, never said anything nice, but for some reason she was nuts about him. He would always say to me, "Don't worry, I can give her something no other guy can". It was only after this session that I finally understood what he meant. Basically, I now see how you can give girls pleasure that keeps them coming back for more."

Attractive Dance Moves - Evolutionary biologists discovered that the way you dance reveals to women whether you're an attractive mating prospect. We've taken this research further and developed a set of dance moves that any guy can learn to get women instantly interested in getting close to you.

You've probably heard the saying that if he dances well then it means he's good in bed too. That's right, we form a subconscious decision on whether we should get intimate with you based on your physical movements. Your body is very telling, so it's essential that you know how to use it to come across desirable. Many authors who have studied the impact of male movement agree that the way you move your body reveals honest traits, such as your fitness, wellbeing, genetic quality and development history. For this reason, you cannot afford to overlook this area of your life.

We will teach you some specific dance routines that you can easily work with when you are in a social environment. These routines will not only separate you from all the other men in the room who probably have no clue on what they are doing, but will also get attractive women initiating contact with you.

DATING TIME (9pm to Midnight)

We ask ALL our bachelors to keep their evening free when attending our bootcamp. The reason is because almost every guy who comes through our doors in the morning, will have their phones going crazy with WhatsApp messages from girls who they approached earlier wanting to see them again. So, you are pretty much GUARANTEED to have a beautiful woman who you number closed earlier in the day, lined up to meet you for a date later in the evening once your training is done.

Finally, if it is not too much hassle, we may ask you if it is okay that one of our amazing photographers takes some pictures of you and your date (of course, you're not obliged to say yes, but it helps us a lot to share your story with other bachelors).

At this point, there is NOTHING stopping you from learning what it takes to approach and attract ANY woman. Simply book your 1 Day Get Any Woman Bootcamp now to reserve your spot and prepare to have more women messaging you to go on dates than you ever thought possible!