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Welcome to Proven Attraction

London's leading dating advice agency

We are a team of female dating coaches helping transform the way men meet and attract women. Based in Central London, next to the world famous Oxford Street, we've used our decades of experience to transform countless clients' lives and helped them to find love.

You deserve love & nothing less

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What We Offer

All matters of the heart

We provide Dating Skill Training and a complete Fashion Makeover. Our most in-demand service is the Award-Winning 1 Day Get Any Woman Bootcamp, where you are GUARANTEED to go on at least one amazing date the same day. Click here to find out more.

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Who are we?

A brief introduction

Proven Attraction was founded on the core principle that attraction need not be a mystery. Like-minded men and women came together and worked towards a vision of creating life transforming content for everyone out there to help them live a life of abundance in terms of love, romance, prosperity and happiness. In a world where it can sometimes feel like you are in a race against time, we want you to have access to content that allows you to take control again. Our content doesn't just teach, it inspires, it doesn't just explain, it shows, it doesn't just state, it proves, it doesn't just update, it entertains. Enjoy your journey of discovery and self-improvement!

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